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I should take a moment to describe Lori and Amy. They are really polar opposites of each other. Amy is 5'7" and has a milky white complexion, C cups, a flat ass, and blonde hair. Lori is 5'3", a little chunkier and a little darker as she looks like she has a tan all the time. She has D sized tits and a bubble butt along with long brown hair. 

We ate dinner at college then drove to my parents house. We decided that it was a little late to start studying, so we decided to drink in my parents basement. We had a couch and a a couple of chairs and a fridge stocked with some of my dad's beer. We broke out the beer and start drinking while talking about random things. Lori and Amy were on the couch and I was in one of the chairs. Lori and I were four beers in while Amy was still working on her third. This was our normal pace, and based on past experiences, I knew we were all buzzed. I got up and went upstairs to take a leak. As I got to the top of the stairs, I heard Amy say that she was going to go pee too.

Now, my parents house has two bathrooms somewhat close to each other on the first floor. I figured I would be polite and went to the further bathroom, leaving the closer one for Amy. I partially close the bathroom door and pulled out my dick when I heard the door open and Amy said, "oh my god."

I look over, and she is staring down at my dick. I close the door in her face and finish pissing. After I finished, I opened the door and she was still standing there. 

I am so sorry I didn't mean to walk in on you. I thought you were in the other bathroom as the door was closed but damn you have a big dick!

I hate to brag, but I will anyway. Yes, most girls are routinely impressed by my dick. That is because it is huge and long while soft, but does not get that much longer hard. It mostly just gets thicker. 

Anyway, I didn't say anything and went back downstairs. Amy came running down a minute later and said, "oh my god Lori you have to see his dick it is huge." 

Lori smiled and said, "I have seen quite a few big dicks."

Amy said, "not to sound like a slut as I have seen a lot of dicks too, but his was really big even soft".

So they start talking about guys and their dicks for a while. I was starting to think they forgot about me when Lori turned to me and asked, "well, now I am curious would you be willing to show me?"

I laughed and said, "that would be a little awkward just randomly taking it out, and that Amy only saw it because she accidentally walked in on me."

Lori asked, "so do I have to wait until you have to pee again?"

It sounded like she was waiting for an answer, so I said "yeah, I guess." 

She countered with, "what if I showed you my boobs?" 

Well that took me by surprise and Amy was surprised by it too. I thought Lori was talking out of her ass and would never flash, so I said "sure, why not." 

In one move she sat up and grabbed her shirt and lifted it up, showing her bra. Then she lifted her bra up and her boobs flopped out. Holy shit, they were big and perfect. I should point out that the couch and chair were only a few inches apart and we were sitting really close to each other. So they were almost in my face. She shook her shoulders and her tits swayed back and forth, then she pulled her bra back down, fixed her boobs, and pulled her shirt back down. Amy looked shocked and a bit horrified.

Lori looked at me and said, "Ok, it's your turn."

I really didn't want to, but I pulled my dick out of my pants. By this point, the conversation and staring at her tits had made my dick semi hard. I shook it a brief second, and Lori said "that doesn't count, it is hard."

I laughed and said "well yeah, boobs will do that."

Lori said that she wanted to see it soft, so I told them to change the subject. So Lori turned to Amy and started talking to her about some on-campus event later that week. All the while I sat there on the chair with my dick out. It only took a minute or two until it was soft again. I saw Amy glancing at it out of the corner of her eye, and she turned and said, "it is probably soft again." 

I looked down and confirmed that yes, it was soft. Lori said "bullshit" and leaned over and grabbed my dick with her hand. 

I heard Amy yell, "Lori, what are you doing?" 

Lori laughed and said, "oh that is large and soft" and "how big does it get?" Then she started stroking it. 

I kind of gripped the sides of the chair, not sure what to do. It got hard almost instantly, and Lori said, "oh, not that much longer, but pretty thick."

She didn't stop stroking though, and only a few strokes after she said, "uhm, I don't really know where I am going with this." Then she laughed.

I said "yeah, what are you doing?"

Amy yelled, "Lori stop that!"

Lori looked at Amy and said, "here, feel this." 

Amy yelled, "no it is Mike I won't touch his dick and you shouldn't be either!" 

Lori said, "shut up and just touch it." 

They bickered back and forth for a minute before Lori grabbed Amy's hand and forced it on my dick. Either Amy was not expecting it and didn't have a chance to fight back, or she just didn't fight back at all. 

So Amy's hand was on my dick. She squeezed it and the look on her face went from horrified to amazement. "Wow, that is thick," she said as she picked it up and gently started stroking. She took both her hands and gently stroked with both hands for a few seconds, before going back to one hand. Meanwhile, Lori was still staring at my dick. She pushed her hair to the side, and then leaned over and put her mouth around the top of my dick.

Amy pulled her hand back and said, "Lori, what are you doing now?"

Lori took my dick out of her mouth and said, "Shh, I am just doing this for a few seconds." 

She proceeded to take my dick back in her mouth and bobbed her head up and down my shaft. She actually got it pretty far down her throat. She held her finger to the side of my dick to show how far it went. She turned to Amy and said, "ha, beat that." 

Amy said, "I probably could, but we shouldn't and your mouth was just all over his dick."

Lori said, "who cares I bet you can't do it anyway."

Amy looked at my dick for a few seconds, then leaned in and put her mouth around the head and slowly it went down her throat and she went further than Lori. It didn't seem like it was even that difficult to her.
She pulled up, then sucked a few seconds, bobbing up and down, then took it out of her mouth and turned to Lori and said, "see, told ya."

Amy and I then realized that Lori's hand was down her pants, playing with her pussy. Amy yelled "Lori! Really? Right here in front of us?" 

Lori said "oh shut up, it's not like we haven't masturbated at the same time in our dorm room." 

Amy said, "yeah, but we were each in our own beds, with the lights off."

Meanwhile, without thinking I had started stroking my dick. Amy saw me and said, "Mike come on, we aren't supposed to be doing this kind of stuff together!" 

I shrugged and said, "Lori started it." 

Lori stood up and started to take off her pants. Amy started to say something, but Lori said "Come on, we are all good friends, let's just have a little fun." 

She took off all her clothes and sat back on the couch naked, with her finger in her pussy. Lori could see that Amy looked uncomfortable, so Lori said "It's not like we haven't seen each other naked. You can just close your eyes if you want." 

Lori then fixated her eyes on my dick and continued to stroke her pussy. I stared at her pussy and glanced over at Amy from time to time. Amy sat on the couch, looking around the room and, from time to time, at Lori and back over to me. 

I saw she was looking at my dick a little longer, and slowly started to reach her hand down her pants. Lori saw too, and said, "you know Amy, it isn't really fair that you still have your clothes on." 

Amy thought for a minute, then stood up and slid off her pants, but stopped and said, "this stays a secret," and then continued to take off her underwear, shirt, and bra. 

Lori is slouched spread eagle on the couch while Amy's legs are not as wide open. Both of them are looking at my dick, but Lori is also glancing over at Amy. I think Lori was getting bored, because she whispered, "do you have a condom?"

Amy's hands stopped moving, and she just stared at Lori. I said, "yeah, probably in my bag." 

I reached over and looked through the front pocket. I had a few, and pulled one out. Lori got up, snatched it from my hand and ripped the packaging open. Before I could even move, Lori had the condom on my dick and she was standing over me, rubbing my dick on her pussy lips. 

Amy started to get up and said, "I should probably leave you guys down here."

Lori said, "no, just stay I don't care." 

I just shrugged my shoulders. Lori's tits were swinging in my face, and I grabbed her boobs and sucked on her nipples. I looked up, and she started making out with me. I could see Amy out of the corner of my eye, and she was looking at us and masturbating slowly. 

She got up off me, and I thought the fucking was over. But she turned around and sat on my dick backwards, facing the couch. I reached around and grabbed her tits as they bounced. She grabbed Amy's leg and pulled her closer. Before Amy could say anything, Lori was bent over and her tongue was between Amy's legs. Amy's eyes closed, her mouth opened, and for once she looked like she was enjoying herself. 

This went on for a while. I was getting bored sitting and while still inside Lori I stood up. Fucking her while standing up was a bit awkward and not as easy as they make it look in porn, but we made it work, and she continued to eat out Amy. Apparently I was now pounding the right spot, as she took her mouth away from Amy's pussy and started to moan loudly. I felt her pussy tighten and she panted. A few more loud moans and she was done.

Lori fell forward onto the couch and sat with her legs spread open and was breathing heavily. I was still hard, but didn't know what to do, so I just sat back down. 

Lori and I both looked over at Amy her eyes were still closed and she was masturbating furiously. Lori pointed at me, then did a "V" with her fingers and stuck her tongue through it. Real subtle, Lori.

Anyway, I got between Amy's legs and stuck a finger inside her pussy as I really wanted to see how tight she was and boy, she was tight. As soon as my tongue touched her pussy lips, she removed her hand. I am pretty sure she thought Lori was back, because she looked surprised when she opened her eyes for a second and saw that it was me. 

I was just getting into it when I felt Lori pull me away. She pushed me back onto the chair and pulled Amy to her feet and said, "it is your turn." 

Amy looked confused, and Lori pointed at my dick. She refused, and said, "no, not...no."

Lori said sternly, "it is your turn." 

Amy asked, "do you have another condom?"

She probably was hoping I would say No, but I pulled another one out of my bag. 

I figured she wanted me to put on the new one, so I swapped the used for the new. Amy was standing in front of me, not really moving forward. I grabbed her butt cheeks and pulled her towards me. She spread her legs and was straddling me. She lifted one leg and positioned herself over my dick. I guided my dick in her, and I could tell it was a little painful. But before long she was bouncing up and down, her tits bouncing a little. We kissed a few times, but she was not into that. She preferred me sucking on her nipples. I looked over on the couch and Lori was playing with her pussy again. 

Without saying a word, Amy got off me and laid on the couch spread eagle. Lori got up and I moved Amy into the middle, got between her legs, and continued fucking her. Now Amy was more vocal, grunting and moaning. I started pounding harder, and her left leg started to twitch. Then she screamed loudly. So loud, that I thought she was in pain. And then it was done. She was sweating, and said that was the most intense orgasm she ever had. 

So I pulled out, my dick still hard. I saw Lori on the chair masturbating. She took her hand away and just pointed to her pussy. I wasn't sure if she wanted me to eat her out or fuck her. I just assumed fucking.
So with the condom I fucked Amy in, I walked over and slid my dick into Lori and started fucking her as hard as I could. I only lasted a few minutes before I was close. I think Lori knew, as she told me to pull out. I pulled my dick out and she ripped the condom off and shoved my dick in her mouth. I blew my load in there, and she swallowed. 

I collapsed on the couch, tired as fuck. Amy looked ready to fall asleep, and Lori looked tired too. Then Lori got up and said she needed to shower. She went upstairs and I heard the water turn on. I figured I should shower too. Before I went upstairs, I asked Amy if she was OK. She said "yeah, just give me a minute." 

I went upstairs into the other shower and turned the water on. I was only in there for a few minutes before I felt arms wrap around me. I don't know how Amy got in there so quietly, but she was hugging me from behind. I turned around in her arms and she kissed me and after breaking away, admitted she has had a crush on me for years but never acted on it. Then she started to cry. Needless to say, that is not what I was expecting. 

I finally got her to calm down, and told her we can talk about this outside of the shower, when our genitals were not rubbing against each other. I guess our shower lasted a while, because when we got out Lori was passed out on the living room couch in her towel. I put a blanket on her, and Amy and I went downstairs to talk. 

She started apologizing for the shower incident, and said that the crush was old, and she had told Lori one night when they were really drunk and she thinks Lori forgot. She was upset that Lori and I had sex right in front of her. She said she wished that if we ever hooked up it would have been in private, just the two of us. And that tonight's events brought up feelings that she didn't want to feel.

I asked her what she wanted to do about this, and she said, "nothing. don't tell Lori 



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Shelli-sex-on- the-beach

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I just love everything about beaches.  Its cool sea breezes clear sunshine, beautiful sand and watching families or couples hanging out together gives me a mental piece. Another thing I really like about beaches is hot guys.  Russian beaches are perfect place to see hot bodies of both sexes. In fact, you can see some couples making out in beaches too.
Seeing couples making love, I really wished that somebody loves me too on beach.  And one day lady luck shines on me. The opportunity comes in form of English Businessman who was as crazy about beaches as I am.  He had come to Russia on a business trip and was looking for a beautiful girl to accompany him on the famous Russian beaches. He found my profile interesting and booked my service so that I can guide him to famous Russian beaches.
We went to Beach club, one of well known beaches near Moscow.  On arrival, we had a lunch, and then we hit the beach. We had lot of fun on beach. We swam opposite waves and really enjoyed when waves throw us on shores. We participated in basket ball games, did snorkeling  and finally rested on beach to take a sunbath. 

Once, I sat down for sunbathing, he stared at my hot body. I smiled the way he looked at me. The guy told me that he wanted to apply oil over my body. I told him that for whole day, my body was at his service. Taking positive signals from me, the guy went ahead and applied oil all over my body. He started from my smooth legs, moved to stomach and finally moved his firm hands on my beautiful face, especially on my lips.  I was sexually aroused and told him clearly, now it was my turn. He followed me obediently. He just lie down on bench while my smooth hands moved over his strong chests, broad shoulders, long arms and most importantly inside his underwear. He jumped with excitement when my hands  touched his organ. I started playing with it, shaking it well with my hand . Soon, he ejaculated in my hand.  I laughed to see an embarrassed look on his face. He told me to look for a secluded corner where both of us can make out without anyone seeing or interfering us. Luckily, it was a week day; hence beach was not so crowded.  Soon, we found a corner on beach where we could easily make out. Finding a secure place, both of us get down to business. He lay me down on ground and started giving me deep passionate kisses on my lips. While giving me soft kisses, he removed my bikini. I also removed his underwear and started playing with his cock.  From lips, he moved to all over my body. I closed my eyes when he kissed my neck, breasts and stomach.

Suddenly, he turned me upside down with my back being in upward position. He run his smooth hands on my back for some minutes and then start kissing it feverishly. He spread my legs and inserted his cock inside my vagina. I started sweating with excitement when he rotated his cock inside my vagina. Soon, he cummed inside my body and I also had an orgasm. 
After satisfying ourselves physically, we lay down together on beach for at least 15 minutes. Then, we went back to hotel where both of us had lunch and moved back to our normal life.
It was my best beach activity till date and I still fondly remember that experience.